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Update on made. planning



photo by H. Wombacher

Coming Soon! Are you Going?

This October 14th, 2014 Camp McCullough, Covington Washington

As we plan this new ministry, I just get more enthused and filled with joy!  I always leave our meetings smiling. Not just a pleasant smile that says, “Oh, that was a good meeting,” but a really big smile that says,” I am hardly able to contain myself!”

Why do I smile so big? I am  inspired by the spirit of fellowship and love for one another we have as a team. I am encouraged and feel progress, as we seek to develop our ideas and plan our program. And, I love how the Lord is knitting us together into a cohesive group. He is equipping us, so that you dear attendee, might join us on this creative journey.  Among us, I see oodles of goodness and gifts and such beauty.

I am seeing the beauty in friendships develop. The admiration of gifts and the ability to use them well. I see beauty in knowing our own limits and allowing the others to come along side of us so that we might work together. I see the beauty in knowing our creator and without Him we are nothing. I see beauty in our laughter.  What a privilege it is to see God’s creative work, alive and well in each of us. I am grateful for each woman and her willingness to give of themselves in such a way, a personal honoring of our Savior.

These observations lead me to tell you…We are all so excited about our first ever made. A Creative Gathering event!  Our hope is that you will get as excited about it as we are!  Here are some things we have been saying as we plan:

“a day to encourage women and help them to see differently”

” we should sit around the fireplace for that part”                    ” that is beautiful”

“A time set apart to think deeply and learn new things about myself.”

 “Wonderful autumn inspired food; think apples, pumpkins, molasses and cozy goodness.”

“making connections to women and the person God created them to be.”

 “This will be a day of quality time and renewal.”               ” that there is a sense of the sacred”

” Yes! that is perfect!”

Doesn’t this sound wonderful?  Our hope is that you, dear attendee will leave feeling and understanding your own creative self better, that your heart and spirit  will be woven together with possibility into a starting point of something beautiful and  creative in your life. That you will see that it is possible to cultivate a creative life!

Where do I sign up you ask? A Registration link is coming soon! You can always leave a comment for us so we might add you to our list. Please check back with us often!

Are you ready to come away with us? Are you open and expectant for what the Lord will do in your heart on this day? We are, and we can’t wait to welcome you!~Heather


You are invited….



{A Creative Gathering}

A day of guided projects and discussions for

discovering the artistry within each of us

Coming this Fall, Oct. 18th 2014!

@ Camp McCullough,  Covington, Washington

{Connect.  Encourage.  Create.}