Do you need inspiration? Do you wish you could learn from creative people? How about, have an opportunity to ask questions and get the answers right from the artist’s mouth?

fall4 copy

The little, creative, hands of my youngest, age 7.

This possiblity may be closer than you think. October is a great month to settle in as the weather  changes, and cultivate your creativity. As the leaves turn tawny, like cinnamon toast and the sweaters come out from hiding, how about turning our hearts to the Creator?

In the month of October, there is a wonderful group of women getting ready to attend made. A Creative Gathering event on Saturday, October 18th, at Camp McCullough in Covington. Spend the day nurturing your creative-self, understanding  your value and gifts, trying something new, eating a delicious fall- inspired lunch, and kindling friendships by the lake. Discover a new way of seeing beauty and learn the art of living a creative life.

Won’t you come away with us?

We are already half full, so don’t delay, register online today!

 Another way to pursue a creative life in Tacoma would be to check out the Art Studio Tour and take advantage of viewing an artist in their creating space. October is Tacoma Arts Month! For more information, click and visit Tacoma Arts   ~ Heather


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