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Happy Autumn~Happy made. A Creative Gathering


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Plant the good seeds of righteousness,

and you will reap a crop of my love;

plow the hard ground of your hearts,

for now is the time to seek the Lord,

that he may come and shower salvation upon you.

Hosea 10:12 (NLT)



Registration is Now Closed


Registration for made. A Creative Gathering on 

Saturday,October 18th, 2014 is now closed.

If you are interested in attending a Creative Gathering in the spring please leave a comment or contact one of the made. team members. 

To the Curious and Creative-it is almost here!


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Look at these pears! These came off our espalier tree this year and there aren’t any left, not a one! We gobbled them up. The color just makes me smile. Not only are these beautiful, but they tasted amazing. I can  only describe the taste by saying: I have tasted sunshine! The perfect balance of sweet, wee-bit-of-tang, juiciness, firm and flavorful, goodness! 

Perfect balance in Life is also sweet.

Sometimes we need to get away in order to see how unbalanced life has gotten. If you are needing time away to re-orient, re-charge, find peace-filled balance, maybe even a taste of sunshine, then come away with us!

We invite you to come to

made. A Creative Gathering

Saturday,October 18th, 2014  

There are a few spots left. This is really exciting to the Creative Team, so if you are thinking about it, just know it will be time well spent. Register today, we would be honored with your company!

Looking forward to our time together, Heather