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A Christmas Wish for You


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I like the idea of a giving list, instead of a getting list, this time of year. Recently, I was hit with a physical ailment that limited my mobility; I chose to see it as a blessing,which was a bit difficult, I am not going to lie. However, it forced me to be still so that others might lead. It ushered in more encouragement from my lips, and slowed my inner pace. This inconvenience, you might call it, allowed me time. The very thing I was desperately seeking but didn’t have any time for.  Ridiculous, I know! So, with this new unforeseen break in obligation and responsibility, I have been making things for those on my giving list. Yes, what a blessing!

It got me thinking about my Christmas wish for you. I pray for a holiday filled with handmade living and giving. How will you choose to fill this Christmas season? I hope you have a Christmas full of making! Making joyful laughter, making time, making peace, making friends, making amends, making cocoa, making snow angels, making good mischief, making music, merry-making, maybe even making someone else’s day! But most of all, this advent season, I hope you make your way to the story of a stable, a star and a tiny baby, Emmanuel, God-with-us, our hope for redemption.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

from Heather and the creative team at made.