The Story of made.


Here is our story, in video(I really can’t believe I made a video, what a major lesson in humility for me!) Such humble beginnings, but isn’t it like the Lord, to use those of us who feel ill-equipped and self-conscious, using those insecurities for greater things? Those of us like Moses the lisper, David the shepherd boy, Rahab the prostitute, Gideon the least of his tribe. It is also our gracious Father who equips us and helps us to do what He has called us to do, even when we think we aren’t able to.

So my job up to this point, has been to listen and obey. Two things I have to work at, and I gotta tell you, I am learning pivotal lessons, so much more than I could have asked for.  And because of that, I am spurred forward to do things I never would have thought I could do( yes, like make a video).  I am here to encourage you, that you can too!

Because you see, we all have a story and this year we will be reflecting and exploring the idea of story, of God’s story, worked out through us. Some of us read like Shakespeare’s As You Like It  or maybe your story is more like the Narnia Tales. Could your story resemble a romantic love story or lyrical poetry? Are you an Agatha Christie mystery? Perhaps more like a self-help book. Whatever your story, you have one and we want to hear it. This Fall we will explore how our lives have reflected our spiritual beliefs(or not) and how we might move forward and closer to the Author of our stories.

We have planned purposeful, creative, activities that will connect and empower you as you explore your own story and faith. I hope you will be a part of the story of made., part of History. Come to one of our Creative Gatherings, bring a friend.  You may find a new chapter unfolding in you!

Don’t forget to check our our FAQs page located HERE and also Our new additions to the Creative Team HERE. Please watch and share our video with those that may be interested in attending our 2015 Fall Gathering coming in October. We look forward to meeting you! More details and our on-line registration  coming soon, so check back with us often.



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