2015 Fall made. A Creative Gathering is Coming…. Come Be a Part of Our Story.



Happy New Year! No, I have not lost my mind.  Anyone who is going off to school or has someone going off to school knows that the new year starts in September not January, right?  I just sent another child off to his second year in college, with two others off to high school in September, so the feelings are fresh in my mind.

I remember as a grade school girl, I loved September for that very reason. New pencils and note books, new sweaters and shoes, the crunch of crisp leaves and the sunny but changing-cold sky.  That feeling of newness, the anticipation of change and the excitement of getting back to your familiar friends and teachers. I am sure some of you can relate to this story!

Well speaking of story and familiar friends and teachers, those are two things we will explore this,

Oct. 17th from 9-4:30 2015 fall

made. A Creative Gathering

Our stories and God’s story working in us while being  surrounded by new friends and teachers. We will focus on the theme of story; how our lives have reflected our spiritual beliefs(or not) and how we might move forward and closer to the Author of our stories.

We have planned purposeful, integrated, creative, activities that will connect and empower you as you explore  your own story and faith. You will leave having a beautiful tangible reminder of your story! 

Our on-line Registration is coming in September or you can register with us in person too!

We can’t wait to hear your story, come and be part of ours!



We would love to hear from you!

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