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Question: Is your Unremarkable Life Uncommonly Beautiful?



This question is taken from the if:equip Bible Study called Reflections of God: The Theology of Beauty. Please join me in this study you won’t be sorry!

My life? Yes it is.

This is my answer to a question from week 3 day 2.

From a young age I have loved the common, old, tattered, torn-bits and pieces of life. Things in nature that are washed and worn away with water and sunlight, fading gray with time. I was never happier than when discovering a trunk in the attic full of old photos and yesteryear lace. I love the musty smell of time and the colors of age, umber and chalky teal, that patina metal and the glittery treasures from simpler days. I loved them because they lived a life, to everyone else they were things to be carted off and discarded but to me they had a story to unravel and listen to.

I liken this to my own life. Glittery treasure just needing a good polish-not too much so that the patina is removed-but just enough to bring to light the deep beauty that lies beneath.  My life isn’t extraordinary, I haven’t saved the world or invented some thing remarkable.  I have not changed the course of history or won any nobel prize.

However, God continues, in the quiet of my heart, to showcase me as His Masterpiece. Now, why is that? And even though I wear a crown of  soft gray and the lines of crows feet creep from the edges of my blue eyes. Despite the birth wrung tummy and less youthful silhouette I can still say this of Him,

“…But You(Lord) called me beautiful

when You saw my shame

and You placed me on the wall anyway.”~  listen here to this song by Nicole Nordeman~ Song, Anyway  SO Good!

This is what El Roi, the God who sees all things, does. He takes everyday lives and makes them extraordinary. This is truth. Think about the life of Joseph-the youngest, David-the shepherd boy, Tamar-a prostitute? How about Gideon-the weakest of the lowest tribe, and Moses-a murderer, need I go on?

So what does my unremarkable life share with these uncommon heroes of the faith? Each one of these stories is about someone common doing uncommon things, about the unremarkable bringing the remarkable to light. Believe it or not, myself along with these others are all marked by the beauty of God’s redemption. Now mind you, I will probably will not save the land from famine or become King or save the lineage of the Messiah. And I most likely won’t, defeat an army with only 100 men or save an entire people from slavery.

But I am going to live as if I could.

That is the intersection of unremarkable and uncommonly beautiful. Why don’t you meet me there.

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

God sees your treasure, dear girl. Amen.



How To Be Broken & Beautiful


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This year has been one of those years. A marker year ringing with transition. We all have those years. Not to bore you with details but several things happened. I transitioned from stay-at-home-keeper-of -all -things-family to full-time teacher, suffered with a child over great loss, turned 50 and continued to care for my husband and his unusual medical condition. I was feeling broken and lonely.

But I was never alone.

Around March, in a moment of solace, I was reading Psalm 23 about the Good Shepherd. Two things stood out to me that morning. The phrase…”you make me -lie down in green pastures…” at the beginning and “surely your goodness- shall follow me all the days of my life.” So my question was, how do I do what you have put before me and continue to shine your goodness Lord?  I am dulled but my edges are sharp and raw, real. I am not holy or light or salt.  I am cracking.


I am weighted and worn.  I needed to be unearthed by the one I call Yahweh, the One who is more than enough.  

For whatever reason, my search took me to Google and the words broken and beautiful and I found Kinstugi: the Japanese Art of repair. It literally means “golden joinery”. In Japan this art form, has been used by  Potters for over 400 years to repair broken pottery.

My Potter, showed me, my answer.

In a golden, symbolic, language I understood.

We are all still broken, and will be throughout our lives, but as the Potter, the Lord mends our shards and sharp pieces, our fragmented broken places, with His golden light and love. My veins and cracks now have a beauty all their own, a testament, a story. So the Lord with intention, took my struggles and gave them glimmer, He polished and mended my raw edges because He is good.

Yes, His Goodness shall follow me all the days of my life and the joints of my story now have a golden glow.  Amen.

Here is a video with more information on the art of Kinstugi

Beauty Takes Work



From Reflections of God: The Theology of Beauty:

“Gardens are not made in singing ‘Oh, how beautiful!’ and sitting in the shade.  Even God labored for six days to create a beautiful world.”

~Rudyard Kipling

Sought after beauty:

Blackberry Brambles

A Man Named Jesus


Dirty Dishes

Tarnished Silver

Lord thank you for beauty we have to think about, beauty that is shy. That’s my favorite kind of beauty, the kind that needs to be sought after. The kind of beauty that is discovered with a bit of time and a quiet place to think .~Amen