made. A Creative Gathering is the dream of a team of talented women, all of  whom are  passionate to share their creative gifts  and its connection with the Creator God.  At our Creative Gatherings we use guided projects and small group discussions for discovering the artistry within each of us. The Gatherings are unique and small to provide an engaging environment that  nourishes women and their hearts. We teach women that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by a creative God. He has wired us to use the “language of expression” to connect and commune with Him. Our hope is that attendees will  begin to see God’s artistry in the world around them and cultivate a creative life.

Our made. mission:

~Our desire is to connect women to the Creator through the creative process.
~Encourage and nurture women in their pursuit of the creative process.

~Create and host a sacred space for creativity, prayer ,writing, worship, and fellowship.


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  1. I would love to see this brought to more people’s attention. How about letting Ingrid post it on Church Facebook? How about the Women’s Bible study giving printouts of past articles or showing them on the screen before Bible Study begins?
    Is there a place you would like to showcase artwork done?


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