Connie: Mind, heart and spirit, I am a writer.  Most of my adult life has been connected to the written word in some way: editing, proofreading, teaching literature, writing stories, or helping other writers shape their work.  Whether the writing is my own or someone else’s, I love seeing the words take on life and beauty.  My favorite creative work is telling stories, either by writing fiction or by writing nonfiction narratives about people I’ve met.  God, who gave us the Bible, told us His story, and writing redemptive stories is my way of honoring our Lord’s great example.  Through made. I hope to help women explore how their lives are part of His beautiful narrative.

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Michelle:  As a child I loved to do craft projects, I sewed, I did decoupage, I crocheted and I did macramé (it was the 70’s after all). In my life today I love paper and beautiful ribbon, the garden, watercolors and impressionist paintings, music, dance and theater. I am delighted by the exuberant creativity that cannot be contained in children, and I am often overwhelmed by the beauty of God’s creation. I want to be creative, and I often feel that there is a spark of creativity within me that is closed in, trying to break free. I asked to be a part of made. to be around beautiful, creative women and the creative process with the hope that the seed of creativity that God has planted within me will be watered and nurtured to blossom.

I currently do work for Artspace (, a non-profit organization that develops affordable live/work spaces and studio/creative spaces for artists and spaces for arts organizations. I am thrilled that one of our newest projects is in Tacoma




Heather: I have my hand in many paint pots so to speak: I collage because I enjoy using  simple everyday things to piece together something beautiful. I make altered books because I believe we all have a story.  I like the tactile feel of fabric and ribbons its texture and beauty feel alive. I incorporate  words into my art because they are powerful and bring life. I paint to use the colors God made, to create and connect myself to him.  made. A Creative Gathering, came out of my own creative journey of healing. As the Lord mended my brokenness, He restored beauty from my ashes.  Through made. I hope to connect women to the Creator through the creative process.

Visit Heather’s art class blog at: Apprentice with the Masters Art Class



Shauna copy


Shauna:My formal education consists of Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Washington State University. I continue my ‘creative’ education just through living life – God’s word, people, conversations, colors, textures, shapes, spaces, words, pictures, buildings, details – all experiences affect my perception of the created world and it changes me. The creative process has taught me to slow down and notice details in the world around us, catching a glimpse of the fun God must have had during Creation! I enjoy most things in the creative realm. Recently these include: knitting huge wool slippers that shrink to size when felted, creating wool appliqué designs, and capturing visual memories through scrapbooking.



Sarah copy

Sarah: The earliest memory I have of making something that I was proud of, was when I was about 8 years old. I made bead jewelry for friends and family. I remember the joy of creating something that another would like and appreciating how my creative process encouraged others.

Today, the creative process has revitalized God’s presence in my life. When I make a card or necklace, I often lose track of time or surroundings, and just enjoy making something with intricate steps and details.  I am humbled that God works even more carefully when He Creates in our lives. This connection to creating has infused my faith, as I am reminded how carefully and with delight God creates something new in us. I asked to join made. to be a part of this mission to connect women to God through the creative process. It is inspiring and fun!



Cindy copy
I come from a family of creatives – artists,  musicians, writers – but often I felt that I was the least creative of them all.  As I have grown in my relationship with God and explored different ways of connecting with Him, I have found creativity to be invaluable.  Engaging in various forms of visual expression and words has provided a way to express my deepest experiences of God. By  combining creativity with spirituality, the joy of creating comes from the journey rather than the end product.  My creativity is also expressed through quilting, beading, fusing glass and creating pages in my art journal.  

In addition to spending time being creative, I am a spiritual director and life coach specializing in navigating transitions, grief and end of life issues.




LaVaughnLaVaughn:  From the time I was a little girl I’ve been doodling pictures. One of my favorite things from drawing and art classes is an awareness of color and shapes. It was a surprise that painting, made me “see” the broad spectrum of colors around me. Sometimes they were subtle, and sometimes brilliant and bright. I love the wonderful variety God has made with fascinating details. I’ve learned that the Creator who made all things, also deliberately formed a unique and creative place in people. Using this gift can bring satisfaction and joy to both God and the individual. After my kids were grown I went to school for Interior Design. I love the computer program SketchUp and working through the best way to structure a room. It’s sort of the opposite of letting paint flow off of the end of a brush. Art, for many years has been a luxury. Something I shouldn’t have too much of, like white frosted cake! I appreciate the premise of Made. – that expressing oneself through art or whichever medium you prefer, is an essential to living life. It makes space for one to breathe and it truly brings delight to the One who created you.  





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