Art Journal:

“A journal of visual and written expression. A place to dream and hope, sketch, lament, record, pray, and collage the life you are living. A thinking through life place.”  

H. Wombacher


There are so many great sites out there that talk about art journaling, as well as, lots of You tube videos. I would encourage you to investigate and see what other artists are doing.  Your local library will have great books too, on everything from handmade journals to mixed media art journals. There is a whole new world of art for you to discover!  

I thought I would  share a few photos from my own journals and books to give you an idea.

Altered journal- gift to a friend

Altered journal- gift to an artist  friend.Here I used material ribbons, twig, feather, moss on the last page of this altered book.

Double page spread in faith book. This is not finished I will write in my thoughts about living contently. I used acrylic paint, decoupage, stamps, old book pages, even a tea label and sting.


Cover of  Journal gift -Artist used material and ribbon

Cover of Journal gift -Artist used repurposed silk, sea shells, and ribbon(all my favorite things) the possibilities are limitless!

I hope these inspire you to create an art journal! Go here for some great journal and writing prompts~Heather


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