Before you attend a  made. A Creative Gathering event, ponder the questions below. Their purpose is to get you thinking about your personal definition of what it means to be creative and what part that plays in your life. 

  • What is your earliest memory of being creative? Think about where you were.  Who were you with? What were you doing?  Was this an enjoyable experience?


  • Finish this sentence:  Today I am creating …  this makes me feel… Sometimes we create negative things ie: strife for someone else. Sometimes we create positive things ie: cookies for after school snack, which one  are you creating today?


  • What is pure joy and comes naturally to you? This is something where you lose track of time, are focused and relaxed. When was the last time you chose to do this activity?


  • In your life today, is your spiritual self connected to your creative self? 

These are  great Art Journal Prompts too. What is an Art Journal you ask? Head over to the projects page for more info.


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