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Creating with Our Creator

made. attendees enjoying a painting project

                  made. attendees enjoying a painting project

Creative, transforming, renewing, connecting, refreshing, nourishing, loving, safe, non-competitive, inviting, honoring, joyful, prayerful, inclusive, engaging and celebrating;

these are just some of the words that describe a made. Gathering.

We celebrate being creative by praying, writing, painting, drawing, designing and decorating.

As we create, we find ourselves connecting deeply with our Creator God.We see ourselves as creating alongside our Creator, partaking in His sacred identity.

Join us Saturday, October 15th, 2016 for our fall made. Gathering at our a new venue this year, the Old Town Music Society. Come to be refreshed, renewed, nourished and transformed.

Marion~Teacher & Creative Team Member





It was time, time to head outta town.

We needed to getaway to focus, plan, and dream. The Creative Team at made. headed out to a quaint little village called Leavenworth,  in the beautiful Cascades of the Pacific Northwest. Our purpose was to spend time together encouraging, praying and planning our next amazing fall gathering.

We arrived at our destination and to our surprise and delight, our cabins were right on the Wenatchee  River.32b21632-a942-447f-bfa1-cd2da1f5d6f6


What an amazing weekend we had dreaming together. You will be in for a treat this fall and I couldn’t be more excited about what we have got in store for you dear attendees! One of which is our new Facebook page. Take a  look at  it HERE. We will be updating this along with our blog as the Fall Creative Gathering gets closer. Keep checking in with us, we don’t want you to miss a thing!

Here are some pictures from this weekend enjoy.




Marion, LaVaughn, Heather, Michelle, Sara, Cindy

If you would like us to contact you about our Fall Gathering fill in the contact information and we will send you details.

Thanks for inquiring!

~ Heather- made. Dreamer, Leader, Teacher



“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

~Oprah Winfrey

Simple yet poignant. This is something we will be thinking on as we explore our own stories at this fall’s made. A Creative Gathering.

Space is limited and there are a few spots left, don’t delay. Click HERE for online registration. Registration will close Tuesday Oct. 13th.

I look forward to seeing you there.

~ Heather

Something to Think About

The Dark and Light of Fall

The light of change and our hope

The light of change and our hope


As I look out my window, I see a glorious fall day, and I am uplifted by this beauty.  Two or three months from now, I will be slogging through the wet darkness we call Puget Sound winter, and I will miss the vibrancy of today.  Yet God has shown me that He works in both sunlight and darkness.  That is our amazing hope.
This fall our creative work in made. focuses on the contrast between light and darkness, pain and joy–and how God produces beauty by using both. Our own artistry does the same when we follow Him.  Join us as we explore our stories together at our next gathering on October 17.  Register now HERE!~ Connie

What Others are saying about our Creative Gatherings



“It was a rich day for me and very fulfilling. I felt refreshed and inspired. And I desperately needed the break from my other life. The team and participants were lovely in every way.”~ Sheila 

“…lovely and inviting! I loved the open door to the garden near the food table. Beautifully displayed food. Really loved eating off the glass snack plates-retro!”~ T.


“What a relaxing little retreat! Such a blessing to connect with other women and to delve a little deeper into my own heart. I feel like a the day was just what my spirit needed.” ~Marie 

 “Loved the worship, Loved the affirmations at the end.”~S


“Very special to spend the day with friends and art projects. I also really enjoyed meeting some new ladies!” ~Lisa


“I was blessed n numerous ways, I was encouraged, stretched, blessed and welcomed. Not knowing anyone except my one friend was exciting to me. I will talk to a tree stump! I loved hear about others in their praises and their struggles. We’re all in different spots in our walk. Because of this, sometimes we’re guides and sometimes we’re the ones trying to find our way. I have raved about my day at made. I came away with a full cup! Thank you for replenishing!” ~Terri


“Tapping into a community of women who care for one another was beautiful in itself. Being encouraged to do soul work by creating, discovering, and layering was a gift from God, with uncanny timing. “~Joan

Let the magical peace turn your eyes towards the heavens

“Let the magical peace of twilight turn your eyes towards the heavens”                                                                                                                                                       ~ H. Wombacher

I can’t believe it is almost Saturday!

I am bursting at the seams with excitement.

While we have been preparing for you to join us for the day, we have been praying that the Lord prepares your heart too.

Get ready to see with new eyes, meet new friends and rest in the fellowship of His grace-filled love!

We can’t wait to meet you!

~Heather and The made. Creative Team

It is here! Our Spring made. Creative Gathering

Do You Need Jesus-Our Spring Gathering?


photo courtsey of johnnyberg of Rgbstock

Man do I need Jesus! You know, the older I get the more I know this to be true of my life. I am reminded of this sentiment when in fellowship with other believers, or when I am muttering through a quite time, but mostly, when I am creating and working on my art. That is when the Lord and I do soul work.

This year was a difficult one for my family and I. We dealt with some heavy burdens. The kind of burdens you would gladly hand over to Jesus and then run the other way, while yelling thhhaannnkkss! Silly image right? Maybe you know what I mean. But I know, that I know, it is through our sufferings that we come to know how amazing our God is and what a friend we have in Jesus! Suffering is the exposure we need so that  we can grasp onto the hem of His garment and say I need Jesus!

from the Passion of the Christ

As I come out of the clouds of heavy burden into the light and life of Easter it all just hits me fresh,  man do I need Jesus!

Do you need to do some soul work? Perhaps you desire to set aside some time for you and the Lord to restore the “joy of thy salvation?”  If you said yes, then I would like to invite you to made. A Creative Gathering coming May 2nd!



  • A time of encouragement, where you will learn that your story matters.
  • A time to reflect and learn about your creative connection to a Creator God.
  • A time to fellowship with those who are seeking and learning about the creative process.
  • A time to reorient yourself and do a bit of your own creative soul work.

For those of you who attended our Fall Gathering, you might be wondering, will they be doing the same guided projects?  Here is your answer: we will be doing some new things, in a new place, with a new guest teacher! How’s that for new fun? Sign up at our online registration page HERE, do it soon! As always space is limited, and payment guarantees your spot. If you have already registered, Hallelujah! Details of our day will be coming to your inbox, so be on the look out.

We are praying for each of you and can’t wait to see you!

~Heather and the made. Creative Team

Hello Spring

Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

Recently, I cleaned out our house, rearranged furniture and forced some Narcissus and mini Daffodils bulbs. Even though it is the end of February, in my world spring really has come,  I’m awakening out of  winter’s gray sleep! Along with all this change and awakening, the Creative Team at made. has some exciting news!

We are having another

made.  A Creative Gathering this spring.

Mark your calendars and save the date for May 2nd!

We have added some new elements that we think you will love. We can’t wait to share the goodness, so stay tuned. Online registration and more details to come. We are excited for you to join us!

To the Curious and Creative-it is almost here!


DSC_0139-1 copy

Look at these pears! These came off our espalier tree this year and there aren’t any left, not a one! We gobbled them up. The color just makes me smile. Not only are these beautiful, but they tasted amazing. I can  only describe the taste by saying: I have tasted sunshine! The perfect balance of sweet, wee-bit-of-tang, juiciness, firm and flavorful, goodness! 

Perfect balance in Life is also sweet.

Sometimes we need to get away in order to see how unbalanced life has gotten. If you are needing time away to re-orient, re-charge, find peace-filled balance, maybe even a taste of sunshine, then come away with us!

We invite you to come to

made. A Creative Gathering

Saturday,October 18th, 2014  

There are a few spots left. This is really exciting to the Creative Team, so if you are thinking about it, just know it will be time well spent. Register today, we would be honored with your company!

Looking forward to our time together, Heather


Do you need inspiration? Do you wish you could learn from creative people? How about, have an opportunity to ask questions and get the answers right from the artist’s mouth?

fall4 copy

The little, creative, hands of my youngest, age 7.

This possiblity may be closer than you think. October is a great month to settle in as the weather  changes, and cultivate your creativity. As the leaves turn tawny, like cinnamon toast and the sweaters come out from hiding, how about turning our hearts to the Creator?

In the month of October, there is a wonderful group of women getting ready to attend made. A Creative Gathering event on Saturday, October 18th, at Camp McCullough in Covington. Spend the day nurturing your creative-self, understanding  your value and gifts, trying something new, eating a delicious fall- inspired lunch, and kindling friendships by the lake. Discover a new way of seeing beauty and learn the art of living a creative life.

Won’t you come away with us?

We are already half full, so don’t delay, register online today!

 Another way to pursue a creative life in Tacoma would be to check out the Art Studio Tour and take advantage of viewing an artist in their creating space. October is Tacoma Arts Month! For more information, click and visit Tacoma Arts Month.com.   ~ Heather