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Living as God’s Beloved with the Women of Elim Evangelical Free Church


photo7Living as God’s Beloved.

This was our theme for our creative gathering, with the sweet women of Elim Evangelical Free Church. What a joy-filled day! They were welcoming, excited and ready to experience God in a new and different way. The church decor was not only relaxing and inviting it was the perfect setup for what we do at made. They served up a delicious meal of hearty soups, bread and salad and the hospitality and fellowship was genuine and inclusive!

I was filled with anticipation too.

I always am.

It is such a privilege to share God’s truth with others. Sharing the word of God through the creative process can be scarey but from the photos all you can see is creative joy and fun!


As a creative and a maker of things, I marvel at what an imagination can do if given space, time and encouragement!  I love teaching (if you know me personally you would say that is an understatement) but it is true. I am always tickled when I give the same set of instructions and the same medium to work with,  to a room full of inspired women. I never tire of seeing the eyes widen in discovery or the infectious smile triggered by the spark that ignites creative inspiration.


This Creative Gathering was no exception. The Creative Team provided guided creative activities through listening and quieting exercises, watercolor play,  journaling and group discussion and a clay project. All of these activities disengaged the analytical mind allowing the language of the imagination  to form something outside of themselves. They got to see their thoughts, ideas, even their faith and gain new perspective.  All through the lense of scripture and Living as God’s Beloved. It was an amazing day!

What I also never tire of, is the connection that is made as sisters in Christ. It is wonderful to watch the creative circle grow as the Lord leads us in new directions. May the Kingdom of the Lord continue to be proclaimed and women of Elim never forget that you are fearfully and wonderfullymade.photo12

 Here are some memories from our day, enjoy!

Thanks Women of Elim! We had an amazing day with you all!

~Heather and the Creative Team at made.



Where Are You Going This Year?



Where are you going?

Do you have a map or a plan?

                                                         How will you get there?

Why are you going?

I often ask my kids these questions. Seems silly even now that they are in college. Call me an overprotective mom, but they are essential questions that equip us no matter what journey we take. Whether it is back to college or off on a new career path or into uncharted waters. The beginning of a new year seems to be a time when we reorient our compass and course correct. Which means, it is a good time to ponder these questions once again.

So, however you answer these questions this new year, I hope that you will take time to remember your extraordinary story, contemplate your value, and cultivate new ideas and a new future.  Oh and don’t forget, make space for creative expression, because often it is the language that can help you make your map and get you where you are headed.  

Here’s to creating space for personal growth, spiritual connections and deep understanding in our lives this year! Enjoy slow, deliberate, meanderings along your path, use your map and above all never lose site of why you are going on the journey. 

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

~Heather and the made. Creative Team

A Christmas Wish for You


DSC_0083 copy

I like the idea of a giving list, instead of a getting list, this time of year. Recently, I was hit with a physical ailment that limited my mobility; I chose to see it as a blessing,which was a bit difficult, I am not going to lie. However, it forced me to be still so that others might lead. It ushered in more encouragement from my lips, and slowed my inner pace. This inconvenience, you might call it, allowed me time. The very thing I was desperately seeking but didn’t have any time for.  Ridiculous, I know! So, with this new unforeseen break in obligation and responsibility, I have been making things for those on my giving list. Yes, what a blessing!

It got me thinking about my Christmas wish for you. I pray for a holiday filled with handmade living and giving. How will you choose to fill this Christmas season? I hope you have a Christmas full of making! Making joyful laughter, making time, making peace, making friends, making amends, making cocoa, making snow angels, making good mischief, making music, merry-making, maybe even making someone else’s day! But most of all, this advent season, I hope you make your way to the story of a stable, a star and a tiny baby, Emmanuel, God-with-us, our hope for redemption.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

from Heather and the creative team at made.